Travel Services Agreement





.….. Tour/ …… Night Hotel Accommodation


……… Reservation Number


Article 1: Contractor


This contract is in Orhantepe Mh. Camli Sk. WTATİL SEYAHAT TURİZM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, located at the address No: 79 Home of Wtatil, Dragos – Kartal – Istanbul - Turkey and with the contact number 0850 255 66 99

(referred to as in the contract) and, on the other hand, …………. ………. , TCKN ……………., (referred to as the CONSUMER in the Contract).

(Consumer who purchases or undertakes to purchase any package tour service, for whom a package tour service has been purchased or promised to be purchased, or to whom a package tour service and sales contract has been transferred, shall be referred to as the Participant.)


Article 2: Subject


This contract includes the regulation of the service, payment terms and the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the service, package tour, which the Consumer has received from on behalf of himself and the participant, within the framework of the conditions described below.

Article 2: Tour Information


Type ……. It will take place between the dates of …….. (….. night).

The names of the people who will participate in the tour;



The consumer will make accommodation in the concept of ….. in the tour named ………Tour/… Night Hotel Accommodation. Contract price is ……-TRL including VAT.


The Consumer, upon the request of the Hotel, will pay the "Accommodation Tax" to the Hotel where he will stay, that the "Accommodation Tax" is not included in the price he will pay/pay to pursuant to this contract, from the taxes he will pay to the Hotel where he will stay, as per the legal regulation, of the Agency/ He declares, accepts and undertakes that he knows that . This contract covers the services specified in the Preliminary Information Brochure, Voucher, Tour Program and Collection Receipt, which are the annexes and inseparable parts of the contract.


Article 4: Method of Payment


………. ………..TRL ……(payment method/debit card/payment method)…….. for services with Voucher No ………..



Article 5: Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5.1- If the tour/service purchased by the consumer is sold in installments, the Consumer may do so within 7 days from the date the installment sales contract is made/created. may withdraw from the contract in writing without giving any reason and without paying any penalty. However, the notification regarding the use of the right of withdrawal must be directed and delivered to within these periods. Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the service contracts where the performance of the service has started with the approval of the consumer. In the event that the consumer is in default in paying the installments in the installment sales contract, has performed all its actions in accordance with the contract, the remaining debt of the consumer, at least 2 consecutive installments, which constitutes at least 1/10 of the total debt, or at least 1/4 of the remaining debt. In case of default in paying an installment constituting its reputation, first of all, the consumer is given at least 30 days and a warning of maturity is given. However, if the debt is not paid, has the right to demand full performance of the remaining debt. This provision of the contract is subject to Article 2/4 of the Regulation on Installment Sales Contracts. It does not apply to sales made by credit card pursuant to the article.


5.2-Consumer, before the conclusion of this contract, has examined the tour promotion brochure sent to him by for preliminary information, the tour, the accommodation facility, the total tour price including taxes, the prepayment amount and the date information on which the remaining price will be paid, within the scope of the services that constitute the package tour; If the start/end date and place of the tour/journey, the type of transportation vehicles used/to be used and the class of the journey, departure and return dates, times and places, accommodation dates and type, location, qualifications, class and this classification are different from the one applied in Turkey, warnings regarding this difference, the meal plan, the route to be followed in the journey, information on passport, visa, age and health conditions in accordance with the characteristics of the package tour, the deadline to notify the consumer of the cancellation of the package tour depending on the accrual of the conditions, information on tourist guidance, 14/9/1972 It is stated that the information regarding the compulsory insurance and other insurances, if any, and other insurances, if any, in accordance with the Travel Agencies and Travel Agencies Association Law No. 1618, dated and 1618, and that the information/necessary information on the other details in the brochure is understandable, and that the preliminary information brochure and the travel program given to him by before the contract is concluded. a copy of it is in the annex of this contract, the Permanent Data Keeper and the provisions of this contract are explained/notified separately, this contract is also made on behalf of the Participant/s who will participate in the tour/use the service with him/her in accordance with the contract, all information given to him, tour brochure declares and accepts that he/she will inform the Participant/s about the details of the contract and the contract, that this obligation belongs to him, that the information given to him will be deemed to have been given to the other participant/s, and that the contract has been drawn up and signed/approved in line with his will.


5.3-The consumer who purchases a Discounted Product/Special Product or a Campaign Product is obliged to pay the entire service fee at the time of reservation. The reservation is not finalized until the full payment is made and visa procedures cannot be started for international tours. For service/product purchases other than Campaign/Special Product, at least 35% of the reservation price and the balance must be paid/completed at the latest 15 days before the tour/service starts at the time of registration. If the balance payment is not made within the aforementioned period (15 days before the start of the tour), the contract shall be deemed to have been terminated unilaterally by the Consumer and the contract has been withdrawn. In such a case, records the advance payment (35% of the reservation price) made by the Consumer as revenue/income as compensation for withdrawal and issues an invoice to the Consumer for the amount/amount recorded as revenue/income.

If there is less than 15 days between the reservation and the start date of the service/tour, the full price must be paid. Otherwise, the reservation is considered not made.


5.4- If there is an increase in the price of the product/service subject to the contract after the contract is signed/made but before the service is used, the Consumer will not be charged a difference fee due to the price increase, and the price/price of the product/service will decrease (for example, the price of the product/service by applying an action by the hotel to which the reservation is made) No refunds will be made to the Consumer. However, in case of an unusual increase in the exchange rate, changes in taxes, duties, fees and similar legal obligations collected in places such as ports and airports, and extraordinary increases in transportation costs, including fuel expenses, in package tours abroad where the contract price is determined in foreign currency. (A price increase of more than 2% will be considered as an extraordinary increase) The Consumer accepts that has the right to make changes in prices and conditions, not exceeding 5% of the contract price.


5.5-In case it is not possible for the consumer to continue the tour/service purchased, he/she may transfer his/her reservation to a third party who will fulfill all the conditions applicable to the contract by notifying at least 7 days before the departure date. In this case, the Consumer/Consumers who transfer and take over the contract are jointly and severally responsible for the balance against and for the payment of all additional costs arising from the transfer. For tours with airplane transportation, this situation is evaluated in line with the cancellation and change conditions of the carrier airline company. Visa fees / fees paid for obtaining a visa by Consumers/Participants whose visa process has been completed regarding the transferred reservation in overseas tours are not refundable. The visa responsibilities of the Consumer/s who take over the package tour/reservation will belong to them. In the event that the consumer/s do not have a visa, and cannot obtain a visa from the relevant institution or authority until the tour start date despite having made an application, cannot be held responsible, and the transferor and transferee are obliged to pay the entire tour cost to jointly and severally. If the person who takes over the service/tour is not in the same status as the transferor, the transfer will not take place or the transfer will be completed by removing the special discounts.


5.6-Before the start of the package tour/service, significant changes made in the content of the contract for reasons not caused by the consumer, and other price etc. changes other than the price and changes made for the reasons specified in article 5.4 are accepted as fundamental contract changes. shall immediately notify the Consumer in writing and/or via permanent data storage, of the fundamental contract changes and the effect of these fundamental contract changes on the price. The consumer may accept the change notified immediately after the notification is made to him in writing or with a permanent data storage, provided that he notifies in writing or with a permanent data storage that he/she does not accept the change;

a) Participating in another package tour of equal or higher value offered by without paying an additional fee,

b) Participating in a package tour with a lower value, provided that the price difference is refunded,

c) One of the right to withdraw from the contract without paying any compensation.

In case of revocation from the contract by the consumer, the price paid by the Consumer is returned to the Consumer without any deduction, within 14 days at the latest from the date on which the notice of withdrawal from the contract is received by Although has notified him of the changes in the articles of association and the effect of these changes in the articles of association on the price in the above procedures, if the Consumer does not respond to the notification and / or does not inform which of the above-mentioned rights he has used, by the above-mentioned methods, shall be deemed to have accepted the new conditions in the nature of this supplementary contract, which includes the substantial changes in the package tour service and sales contract, including the price increases notified, and changes the essential elements of the package tour service and sales contract, in case the consumer/participant does not participate in the tour without any notification, the refund of the fees on the grounds that the consumer/participant did not receive the service, or accepts and declares that he/she cannot demand his/her criticism and that the fees he/she has paid are compensation for withdrawal.

If cancels the tour/contract before the start of the tour/service for a reason not originating from the Consumer, the Consumer can optionally use one of the rights given to the Consumer, listed in subparagraphs a) b) and c). has shown all due diligence, if the tour/service cannot be started or the continuation of the tour becomes impossible due to the reasons stated below and/or if the breach of contract is due to the reasons stated below, will not perform the contract at all or as required. cannot be held responsible;

a) Finding the fault of the consumer.

b) The presence of an unexpected and unavoidable behavior of a third party who is not involved in the performance of the contract.

c) Existence of force majeure.

d) The occurrence of an event that the package tour organizer, intermediary or independent service provider could not foresee or prevent despite all due diligence,

e) The cancellation of the package tour and the cancellation of the package tour due to the failure to meet the minimum participation required for the organization of the package tour, and the cancellation of the package tour is notified to the Consumer in writing or with a permanent data store at least 20 days before the start of the package tour, within the period stipulated in the contract. (If the reason for the postponement and/or cancellation of the tour occurs less than 20 days before the start of the tour, it cannot be held responsible.)

In case the above-mentioned reasons occur before the tour starts, has the right to cancel and/or postpone the tour/service or suggest an alternative tour by informing the Consumer in writing or with a permanent data store. For the reasons stated above, if the tour cannot be started and the Consumer does not agree to postpone the tour or participate in the alternative tour, cancels the Consumer's tour. In this case, if the Consumer does not accept's request for a postponement or alternative tour offer, or if it is actually impossible to postpone the tour, will pay the Consumer's payments to for the tour until that date, official payments (tax) for the Consumer. , fees, etc.) is returned to the Consumer. If force majeure occurs during the performance of the service after the tour has started,'s responsibility is to bring the Consumer back to the starting point of the tour, and no other liability (return, compensation, etc.) can be imposed on


5.8- In the cancellations made by the Consumer without giving any reason up to 30 days before the start of the tour/service, the price paid by the Consumer, excluding the expenses arising from compulsory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations, is returned to the Consumer. In cancellations made by the consumer between 29 and 15 days before the start of the service, 50% of the reservation price; For cancellations made less than 14 days before, the Consumer declares, accepts and undertakes to pay the entire reservation price to If the service received is a product within special periods such as New Year's Day, semester, holiday period or other campaigns, the above clauses of the contract are not valid. In this case, the consumer does not have the right to cancel or return. Consumer(s)/Participant(s) who take out early reservation cancellation insurance for domestic tours and purchase early reservation cancellation assurance package for cultural tours can use their right of uninterrupted cancellation 72 hours before the start of the service. Otherwise, it cannot be used. The consumer's early reservation cancellation insurance or early reservation assurance package does not cover flight transportation costs. Visa fee is not refunded for cancellations made during overseas trips, if a visa has been obtained. In the cancellation request of the Consumer in the tours with airplane transportation, the cancellation request of the Consumer is evaluated in line with the cancellation and change conditions of the carrier airline company. The consumer declares and accepts that is not involved in the evaluation of the cancellation and change request in case of cancellation and / or change request in tours/services with aircraft transportation, and therefore cannot be held responsible.

In case of the Consumer/Participant's request for a change in the service, if there is a price difference between the previously received service and the newly requested service, provided that this change is approved by, the Consumer/Participant must immediately pay the difference to upon the acceptance of the change request. has to. However, if the price of the new service is lower than the price of the previous service, will refund the difference to the consumer.


5.9-The consumer cannot participate in the tour/service less than 30 days before the start of the tour/service, cancel the tour/service in writing and/or with the Permanent Data Keeper, due to a situation or force majeure that the consumer cannot foresee or prevent despite all due diligence. In case of notifying/requesting .com, any tax, duty, etc. that must be paid. Except for the costs arising from its legal obligations and the non-refundable costs that can be paid and documented to third parties/suppliers, the price paid by the Consumer/Participant is returned to him/her. In case the consumer notifies/requests the cancellation of the tour/service as stated above, more than 30 days before the start of the tour/service due to the reasons stated above, the consumer will not be able to participate in the tour/service more than 30 days. Except for the costs/costs arising from their legal obligations, the price paid by the Consumer/Participant is returned to him/her.

In the event that the above-mentioned situation arises during the continuation of the tour, the information and documents regarding this must be submitted/submitted to immediately and together with the document, as of the Consumer/participant's departure from the tour. In case the consumer/participant does not notify in writing as above that he/she will participate in the tour/service that he/she missed; has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the consumer after 24 hours. No refund will be made to the Consumer for such cancellations. If the Consumer/Participant notifies that he/she will join the tour that he/she has missed, that he/she will receive the service, within 24 hours from the start of the tour/service, the transportation he/she will pay for the tour participation, etc. If it happens, he will cover the other cost(s) himself., in the event of a situation beyond its control (for force majeure reasons), the reservation of the Consumer can be changed or canceled partially or completely 7 days before the service start date, 1 day before the special day and / or processes. . The consumer has the right to cancel the reservation and receive the full payment by taking these changes and the ability to cancel.

After the start of the accommodation/service, cannot be completed for a reason from its source, or a reason cannot be completed from its source because the service provided is monthly, or a reason cannot be completed from its source because the service provided is monthly, or a reason cannot be completed from its source because the service provided is monthly. It can also be determined by that the service is monthly, offers alternative arrangements (hotel, facility, etc.) for the accommodation of the Consumer / Participant, which do not incur additional costs to the Consumer / Participant. In case the alternative arrangement / offer offered by is accepted / used by the Consumer / Participant, the Consumer / Participant will not be asked for any refund and / or compensation.

If the Consumer/Participant wishes to withdraw from the contract by not accepting the alternative arrangement offered by, must know the will to withdraw from the contract in writing or with the template data keeper. Acting on the contrary, it is deemed to have received separate Consumer service from the hotel/facility without any discount. In case the notification has been made, the remaining balance after the deduction of the amount in which the services have been used up to that time, leads to the Consumer / participant, within 14 days at the latest.



Consumer/Participation will be complied with in Fulfilling the Power of Enlightenment with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, either face-to-face or through the data keeper defined in clause (c) of Article 4 of the Message Words Management and other relevant administrations. It has been conveyed in accordance with the Communiqué on its Procedures and Principles.


5.12.Consumer/Participant, reading comprehension of the Enlightenment Text, of personal-data, review and read the information and explanations in the link, text message, e-mail, internet, disc, CD, DVD, memory card and any similar tool or Reading using one of the mediums assumes understanding., prohibited subject warning, especially the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, personal data of the Consumer/Participant; In accordance with Article 5 (2) (a) and (ç) clauses, it is required to be clearly stipulated in the laws and to fulfill the rule of law, to fulfill the rights and provisions arising from the contract with the establishment of the word in accordance with Article 5 (2) (c) clause, 5 (2) (e), it can be processed based on its legal reason and purpose, provided that it is necessary for the protection and establishment of the person, provided that it harms fundamental rights and freedoms in accordance with Article 5 (2) (f) of the Law.


5.14.Identity of the data question and if any, for what purpose the personal data will be processed, to whom and for what purpose the processed personal data can be transferred, the method of collecting personal data and the legal reason, s. 6698 of the person concerned. There is detailed information on other rights listed in Article 11 of the Law.




6.1. The obligatory condition of the consumer to continue the purchased accommodation/service can be canceled maximum 14 days after the reservation date or, in accordance with the same reservation type, the product/service/talk excluding the early reservation and discounted products can be transferred to the requested person or persons. The transferee is jointly and severally liable with the transferor for the balance and all expense areas arising from the transfer. The consumer sends all cancellation / transfer requests to Tatilbudur in writing and in accordance with the above-mentioned period. If there is less than 14 days between a product imkb and/or reservation and the beginning of the accommodation in the received service campaign area, this article is not transitive. If the person transferring the service/accommodation is not in the same status as the transferee, it will not be realized or the contract will be completed by removing special discounts.


6.2. The consumer has requested cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the service, the payment is made to him, excluding the expenses arising from data, fees and similar forbidden burdens that are difficult to pay. The consumer pays 50% of the price he wants to cancel 30-15 days before the start of the service; It completes the imkb that it wants to cancel less than 15 days later, accepts and undertakes to pay to Tatilbudur. Date changes made by the consumer have been cancelled.


6.3. In case of discounted service cancellation/transfer; In case of cancellation/transfer made up to 7 days before the start of the service, the Consumer accepts and undertakes to pay 50% of the service fee, and after 7 days, the entire service fee will be paid by Tatilbudura. For reservations that close the early reservation process, this agreement is subject to Article 6.1. and 6.2. The periods specified in the Articles of Association are applied only to Consumers who have cancellation insurance, with the right to cancel, up to 72 hours, in the cancellation, change and transfer halls regarding this process.


6.4. In the event that the consumer knows in writing the act of service that he has avoided; Tatilbudurconsumer name has the right to cancel all reservations and services after 24 hours from the service start date. In such cases, no three ways are made to the Consumer.


6.5. The reservation cancellation request is accepted and the amount paid for the reservation is accepted by the consumer, provided that he or his first-degree relatives have 10 days of comfort to prevent his habitual occupation, an official report from a full-fledged state hospital or a document in case of death. These semi-reports and documents will be submitted before the start of the service. If this situation occurs during the continuation of the accommodation service, the excuse must be submitted to Tatilbudur with the document within 3 days at the latest from the date of departure from the Hotel. In this case, the days of accommodation service are recorded.




7.1. If the consumer wishes, before the start of the service of the accommodation, the accident and sickness that may occur in the accommodation, the costs of returning to my place, and the damages and treatment costs arising from all kinds of accidents, can be insured at the cost. Travel insurance, coverage of damage, dice and records of consumers who purchase services is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. Tatilbudur does not bear any responsibility for the content, capsules or application sugars of these guarantees. It is the sole responsibility of the Consumer to have this insurance.


7.2. Even if the consumer has not signed this promise for any reason by making the payment for this reservation by mail order, virtual pos, air or EFT, it will be temporary between the terms of this contract. In this case, the consumer, contract conditions and purchase request service and information about the service, sales price, payment methods, price transition dates, etc. He received all the necessary information from Tatilbudur's catalogue, websites and advertisements, the services he read and examined on Tailbudur's website, passed the payment security without reading the word, and the songs he stated in his word, the written songs in this word, and the Kabul.


7.3. The consumer, the word connected to this service, all kinds of information about the hotel mentioned in the contract, the contract songs, the service sales price, the payment songs and the form, both from's web addresses, from the necessary Tatilbudur's catalog, advertisements and if necessary, the sales of Tatilbudur. representatives, who make all the necessary examinations, who are from the reserved information owner and after reading, from the necessary web addresses, from the necessary Tatilbudur's catalog, advertisements and, if necessary, from the sales representatives of Tatilbudur, who make all the necessary examination, from the reserved information owner and after the reading From the necessary web addresses, from the catalog of Tatilbudur and, if necessary, from the sales representatives of Tatilbudur, who make all the necessary examination, from the reserved information owner and after reading from the web addresses of the necessary from the catalog, advertisements and, if necessary, from the sales representatives from Represents the mutually agreeable and declaration in the contract sections after receiving, making all the necessary examinations, being from the reserved information owner and after reading. has been announced based on the hotel description, brochures and information on the hotel official websites, regarding the hotel qualifications, star ratings and services offered. In the event that the hotel does not meet the features and starring standards in its announcements and explanations, the responsibility belongs exclusively to the hotel. If the hotel meets the promised standards or is not in a position to provide this standard service at the start of the stay, it is Tatilbudur, a single offer can be made to accommodate the consumer in a facility with the same standard or higher category. If the consumer department does not accept a change, imkb can cancel the reservation and demand the price paid. receives identity and life information from the consumer on the basis of reservation, according to the declaration of the consumer, but the identity and life control is made by the hotel. Therefore, if a false or additionally unknown gap arises in between, this different will be analyzed by the hotel from the Consumer at the time of entry to the hotel.


7.6.The consumer has given to Tatilbudur employees and / or websites during the reservation; e-mail, mobile phone, fax etc. It accepts and declares that it allows the newsletters sent by and websites for campaign announcement purposes. If the consumer declares that he does not want the notifications and announcements made to his own communication channels, undertakes to terminate the e-mail, sms, fax and mail sendings.


7.7. All Consumers/participants, including children who have both signed and named in this contract, must have their updated identity cards with them when entering the facility/hotel and present this accommodation service and sales contract to the receptionist when entering the facility/hotel. If it is understood that the characteristics (such as age, honeymoon couple, etc.) declared during the reservation of the children who will stay free or discounted in accordance with the criteria determined by the facility, are not correct, the Consumer/participant shall immediately and fully pay the difference fee and make all kinds of compensation. The Consumer/Participant is obliged to comply with the local rules, customs and traditions of the region where the accommodation will take place, and the conditions and rules of the facility/hotel where he will stay.


7.8. Pets are not accepted in the facility/hotel to be accommodated.


7.9. This contract and the voucher, the information brochure constitute the contract as a whole, and all the terms and provisions herein have been negotiated and understood by the parties, accepted and signed with the free will of the parties, and approved in the electronic environment. A copy of the contract has been physically given to the consumer and transmitted with a permanent data storage. In cases where there is no provision in the contract, the provisions of the law and regulation regarding the service provided are applied.


7.10. The parties declare that the address, telephone and e-mail addresses/information specified in this contract are correct, in case of any change in their address, telephone and/or e-mail address (contact information), in writing to the other party within 7 days at the latest. They declare, accept and undertake that they will notify them in accordance with the procedures determined in the regulation, otherwise, the other party will not be responsible for the disruptions, delays and damages that may arise from the failure to provide them with the information required in accordance with this contract at all or in a timely manner.


7.11.Parties agree that the provisions of TÜRSAB shall be applied first in calculating the compensation to be paid in the event that does not comply with the contract partially or completely.


7.12. The parties agree that the books and documents of and the records kept in the electronic environment, the minutes to be kept by the employees of Tatilbudur or other service providers about the Consumer, and the telephone records are the exclusive evidence.


7.13. The consumer has declared that he accepts that in case of default in payment obligations arising from this contract or legislation, legal interest will be applied at the rate specified in Article 1 of the Law No. 3095.


7.14. The parties may apply to the TÜRSAB ARBITRATION BOARD regarding the resolution of all disputes arising from this contract, as well as to the Consumer Arbitration Committees, Consumer Courts and other authorized and responsible institutions and authorities authorized by law.


7.15. If one or more of the articles of the agreement is deemed invalid for any reason, the other provisions of the agreement will not be affected by this invalidity and will remain in effect. This contract has been drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the relevant regulations, and the provisions of the Law No. 6502 and the provisions of the relevant regulation are applied in matters not regulated in the contract and, if any, in conflict with the Law.


7.16. After the contract is concluded, the emergence of a situation not foreseen by the Parties, war, natural disaster, earthquake, flood, fire, declaration of state of emergency throughout the country or partial, death of the Consumer/Participant, strikes throughout the country, terrorist incidents, unforeseen technical conditions, the impossibility of transportation and/or accommodation to the hotel where accommodation will be provided due to adverse weather conditions, a travel ban throughout the country and/or the region where the hotel is located, quarantine implementation, etc. events are force majeure. If the force majeure event coincides with the period during which the Consumer will stay, may offer the Consumer an alternative accommodation service on another date. If the Consumer does not accept's offer, the price paid is returned to the Consumer. The parties have no other obligations.


This ACCOMMODATION SERVICE AND SALES AGREEMENT, which consists of seven main articles, has been read, examined, checked and confirmed by the parties with all its annexes, and after it has been agreed, it has been signed and approved electronically, with all its annexes on ………..

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