Additional Payment Terms And Conditions

All services must be paid by CLIENT to during reservation, unless an alternative financial arrangement is agreed. Therefore, will confirm the booking once the full price is paid by CLIENT. Payments shall be made in the currency appearing on the invoice, in any of the following ways: In the event that payment for the reservation is not received by the date and method agreed or that there is a failure to fulfil all requirements, may automatically cancel the reservations with no right on the part of CLIENT and/or the final consumer to claim any service provision or amount whatsoever from on account of such an annulment. shall receive the net price timely and the CLIENT hereby assumes any cost or expenses that may arise for the payment. Therefore, any deficiency in payment arising from bank charges or as a result of currency conversion shall be paid by the CLIENT. shall be entitled to claim for and receive payment of any expenses which have been incurred by, in addition to full settlement with interest (EURIBOR + 1.5 points per annum), for any unpaid amount with respect to the services provided except in the case of disputed charges.

These Terms and Conditions do not supersede but complete and add to the above mentioned Terms and Conditions. In case of contradiction between the general and special Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

ACCOMMODATION SERVICES (NOT GROUP RESERVATION): Children Special conditions for children are agreed upon with each service supplier and are not based on any one criteria; therefore, and given that each establishment/supplier applies its own special conditions or discounts, CLIENT shall enquire about this point when making the reservation. Accommodation services: Such discounts or special conditions must be understood as applicable only when children share a room with 2 adults.

COTS(UK) /CRIBS (US) – In the event that this service is required, this shall be indicated when making the reservation, as some establishments have a limited availability of such items. This extra service can be paid by the final consumer directly at the establishment if required.

Third Person In Accommodation Services Almost all hotels will treat a reservation for a third person as a double room with an extra bed. Consult the supplement and/or discount applicable for an extra bed to be occupied by an adult, as this varies depending on the hotel. There are hotels with very few available extra beds, so it is imperative to ensure availability when making CLIENT reservation. Failure to do this may result in non-availability of the extra bed at the hotel, with no right to claim any service provision or amount whatsoever from

No Show In Accommodation Services No show by the CLIENT’s final consumer at the accommodation establishment without prior warning shall be considered a cancellation. No reimbursement to the final consumer shall be made in the event of a 'no show' without prior consultation with, and express authorisation from,, who shall inform the CLIENT of charges payable, which may range from the cost of one night to 100% of the amount of the reservation.

Modifications Unless expressly authorised by the CLIENT shall not be allowed to reduce the reserved period of stay or requested service, nor change the names of the final consumer once reservation has been made. Any such changes shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the reservation. Modifications to extend the reserved period shall be subject to availability; in the event of an extension, the price shall be modified accordingly.

Cancellations In the event of withdrawal of the tourist services purchased via, the CLIENT shall have the right to be returned all amounts paid with deduction of the amounts, if any, which may have accrued in terms of cancellation charges.

In the event of no-show or early check-out the accommodation establishment may charge the full amount of the original reservation, in which case reimbursement to the final consumer shall not apply. Reservations made via may be cancelled by request of either party with no penalty whatsoever in the event of force majeure, such as, without restriction, war, revolution, acts of terrorism, closure of borders, epidemics, catastrophes which may affect the various destinations and, specifically, the location of the accommodation establishment at destination, as well as the country of origin of the final consumers. Other services will have different booking / cancellation policies which CLIENT will be informed of by the relevant destinations (for offline bookings) or when The CLIENT confirms their bookings (for online bookings).

Important • Throughout the year, some accommodation establishments may change name or trade name, which shall not be construed as a change of hotel or modification of the reservation. • In some countries there is a local tax known as "stay tax" or “tourist tax” (eco-tax) which must be paid directly at the establishment or/and the airport. • The categories of the hotels have been provided by the establishments themselves and in accordance with specific regulations applicable in each country. A hotel in one country, therefore, may not be similar in terms of services and quality to a hotel in another, despite belonging to the same category. • provides the information supplied by the hotel regarding the existence of works of refurbishment or renovation of the establishment, as well as duration thereof. shall not accept claims for works about which it has not been informed or which extend beyond the planned date of conclusion thereof.

Modifications and cancellations. • If there is a reduction in the number of people of up to 15%, and this cancellation is made between 6 weeks and 7 days before the date of arrival, a 100€ administrative cancellation fee shall be applied. • If there is a reduction in the number of people of more than 15%, and this cancellation is made between 6 weeks and 7 days before the date of arrival, a 50% cancellation fee shall be applied. • Any cancellation within 7 days before arrival shall be charged a 100% cancellation fee. • Any cancellation before 6 weeks before the date of arrival shall be charged no cancellation fee. • No modification fee will be applied in case of an increase in the number of rooms and/or nights. These specific conditions do not supersede but shall complete, supplement and add to these Terms and Conditions herein.

The CLIENT shall be liable for the behaviour of its final consumers in the event of abnormal behaviour, vandalism or misconduct. In this case, and/or the service supplier reserve the right to automatically cancel final consumer stay or reservations with no right of the final consumer to any compensation whatsoever. Any incidents which may be resolved during the stay of the final consumer at the accommodation establishment shall be directly resolved by the CLIENT. The CLIENT (whether or not this Agreement has been terminated) shall at all times save harmless and keep fully indemnified from and against any actions, claims, proceedings, losses, costs, expenses and demands (including costs and expenses in defending such matters and its proper compromise) arising directly or indirectly out of or incidental to or in connection with any breach by or on behalf of the CLIENT or any of its servants, agents or contractors of any of the provisions of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the above’ entire liability under this Agreement, whether in contract, tort (including breach of statutory duty), or otherwise shall not exceed the sums paid by CLIENT to for the specific services in question. Neither party shall be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss, including economic loss, which term shall include, but not be limited to, loss of profits, loss of use of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.’s LIABILITY: acts as the CLIENT’s agent and as an independent intermediary in the contracting of accommodation and other services, and thus shall not be held liable for death, injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, theft, delays or any other irregularity which may arise, whether directly or indirectly, from the supply of services by the hotel or other suppliers and which have been contracted via shall use reasonable endeavour to ensure the suppliers accept liability and indemnify from and against any claims of the CLIENT´s guests arising from the provision of the services. Therefore THE CLIENT hereby commits to file any claim for the services directly with the service provider. The CLIENT also acknowledges that has no control over the provision of the services rendered by the service supplier. shall not deal with any claims that have not been presented by the final consumer during the period of stay by the final consumer at the accommodation establishment. shall not be able to negotiate any claim with the supplier that is presented after the date of final consumer departure from the establishment in question.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is posted in good faith but cannot guarantee that it is completely free from inaccuracies and typographical errors and does not accept liability for any error or omission on this site. Information on the various services is as accurate as possible given that the information is provided by the service supplier. This website contains links to other websites. Except where they belong to, such other websites are not under the control of or maintained by and is not responsible for the content of such websites. In no event shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential losses or damages of whatsoever kind arising out of access to, the use of this website or any information contained in it or the inability to access to, including loss of profit and the like. Service suppliers on this site are independent businesses and are not agents or employees of or its affiliates. These independent businesses provide the services in accordance with their own Terms and Conditions which may limit or exclude their liability to the CLIENT or the final consumer. and its affiliates are not liable for any acts, omissions, breaches or negligence of any such independent businesses or any damages or expenses resulting from the aforesaid. and its affiliates are not liable for any refunds in the event of overbooking or force majeure or any other cause beyond their control. To the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaims all implied warranties with regard to the information, services and materials contained on this website. All such information, services and materials are provided ”as is” and ”as available” without warranty of any kind.

The CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that any element and intellectual property rights pertaining thereto (including without limitation all commercial names, trade names, copyrights, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks and trade secrets) in website (including without limitation its Terms and Conditions, rules, policies and operating procedures, and’ Confidential Information -as defined above-), received or acceded are the exclusive property of or its suppliers. The CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that, except hereby stated, they shall not acquire any right or interest in the information or data acceded and that shall remain the sole owner of the information or data including, but not limited to, all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, trade name, contract, industrial design, and other property rights pertaining thereto, anywhere in the world. All trademarks, copyright, logos, database rights and other intellectual property rights in the materials on this website (as well as the organisation and layout of this website) together with the underlying software code are owned by or its suppliers. The CLIENT and any user may not use, copy, modify, alter, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer any material on this website or belonging to or the underlying software code whether in whole or in part without’ prior written permission. In the event that there is any misuse of any Intellectual Property owned by (including without limitation all trademarks, service marks, logos, commercial names, etc.) without’ consent or license; all bookings and sales will be stopped, and reserves its right to take any legal action pursuant the protection of its legitimate interest.

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